Project Updates

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There are various projects underway that will all go toward revitalising our City Centre. These are delivered in collaboration with the NSW Government and private sector. Major works include:

Museum Place Civic Link

Museum link was opened to the public in late 2019 and provides a key link between the Civic Centre and Honeysuckle and the future University site. The works have been well received by the community as the landscaping continues to establish. These works were completed by Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation. Visit their website for more information.

East End Streetscape

The East End Stage One Streetscape Plan was adopted in 2018 covering Hunter Street Mall and adjoining streets with an additional upgrade for streets around the Mall approved by Council in May 2020. View the East End Stage One Streetscape Plan and associated information.

Construction to the Iris Stage 1 development will commence in 2020. City of Newcastle works will be planned for the same time.

Foreshore Precinct

City of Newcastle has engaged T.C.L. Landscape Architects in partnership with local firm Bosque Landscape Architects to prepare the Harbour Foreshore Masterplan (Masterplan). Community engagement will commence end May 2020, with the aim for concept designs mid to late 2020. The scope of the project has been defined by the Foreshore Plan of Management (POM). View the POM at the Foreshore Precinct park webpage and view further Masterplan information at the Foreshore Park Precinct Masterplan project webpage.

Works will include:

  • Improved cycle and pedestrian links from the Civic Precinct to Bathers Way.
  • Landscape upgrades along the foreshore.
  • Masterplanning to Foreshore Park including upgrades to the playground and event spaces.

West End Streetscape

The West End Stage Two Streetscape Plan was adopted in July 2019 (The Plan). The Plan provides a strategic guideline for the design and implementation of public domain works within Newcastle’s West End. View the Plan and associated information.

The Plan provides many improvements to the streetscape including:

  • Uniform footpaths improving accessibility and ease of walking.
  • Increased opportunities for pedestrians to cross Hunter Street.
  • Increased numbers of street trees.
  • Landscaped gardens, and the creation of alfresco dining areas.
  • Two important bi-directional cycleways, increasing both the east-west and north-south cyclist connectivity within the city.

City of Newcastle engineers will commence detailed design for phase 1 - Union Street to Scott Street from mid to late 2020.