West End Stage Two Streetscape Plan

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Separated cycleways, new dedicated green spaces and wider streets to improve pedestrian and traffic flows will be built in the City’s emerging CBD following the adoption of the West End Stage Two Streetscape Plan (pdf 39MB).

Adopted by Council in July 2019, The West End improvements include traffic improvements, alfresco dining options and the creation of ‘rain gardens’, self-watering, low-maintenance gardens designed to protect our rivers and creeks by capturing stormwater that runs off hard surfaces when it rains.
Five green spaces totalling an area larger than a football field will be built to reduce the risks of a ‘heat island’ effect, which see built-up urban areas become significantly warmer than surrounding rural areas.
A safe, separated east-west cycleway in the Stage Two plan will stretch from Wickham Park to Union Street along Hunter Street’s southern edge, running between the footpath and a new island bus stop with greenery outside the 'Spotlight' corner.
Another separated cycleway will run north from National Park to Honeysuckle along the western side of Steel Street better connecting the Junction and Merewether with the harbour foreshore.

New crossings will also be created for pedestrians along Hunter Street as part of the Stage Two upgrades.  
Together with the West End Stage One Public Domain Plan to upgrade Birdwood and Little Birdwood Park, the Stage Two improvements will create a safe, accessible precinct around the Newcastle Interchange where vibrant streetscapes will draw more public and greater use of active transport.

City of Newcastle engineers will commence detailed design for phase 1 - Union Street to Scott Street from mid to late 2020.