Merewether Ocean Baths Pavilion

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Project Update

The Merewether Ocean Baths pools and promenade upgrades were completed by the City of Newcastle in 2014. The pavilion building needs an upgrade in order to continue providing use and benefit to the community. Key issues to be addressed on the site include accessibility and amenity upgrades.

Formal community engagement was undertaken from 22 November 2019 until 1 March 2020 and a full report will be issued at the end of March. The community feedback will help to inform the project scope.

A Community Reference Group for the Merewether Ocean Baths pavilion will be formed later in 2020. The CRG will meet throughout the concept design phase and be disbanded once a final concept design is determined and the project enters the detailed design phase.

Concept design(s) developed with CRG input will be placed on public exhibition and finalised with input from the CRG and broader community. The final concept design will go to the elected Council for approval prior to the project proceeding into detailed design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Merewether pavilion be demolished to make way for redevelopment?
While there are no current plans for demolition or otherwise, the Merewether Baths Pavilion is not heritage listed.

Refer to map for Merewether Ocean Baths (pdf 478kB) to view the site.

Project update

CN has committed to funding the renewal of Merewether Ocean Baths Pavilion.  A Community Reference Group is to be formed late in 2020.