Islington - Chinchen and Clyde Street intersection

City of Newcastle is upgrading the intersection of Chinchen and Clyde streets Islington to improve traffic, pedestrian and cyclist movements and safety in the area.

The intersection has a history of accidents and near misses involving vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians being an entrance to the Tighes Hill campus of TAFE NSW and the juncture of two key cycling routes.

Following public consultation, City of Newcastle resolved to install traffic signals as the preferred means to improve safety and traffic flow.

Enabling works have been carried out including kerb and gutter replacement, footpath construction and asphalting.

RMS is required to approve new traffic signals. We are now working with RMS to obtain this approval.

Current works

Further work will be scheduled as designs and approvals progress.

Also in the area

City of Newcastle partnered with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to implement cycle safety improvements at the Clyde Street railway level crossing.

ARTC shifted the eastern boom gate foundation and we have realigned the kerb and gutter approaching the level crossing from the north. This has relieved the existing pinch point at the level crossing by widening the road to provide a dedicated cycle lane across the railway

This upgrade is consistent with longer term plans for construction of a shared path on the eastern side of Chatham Road and Clyde Street, connecting the east-west cycleway at Griffiths Rd/Chatham Rd to the University to Newcastle City route at Chinchen Street