Waratah - Maud Street road safety improvements

City of Newcastle is implementing traffic changes in Maud Street Waratah to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists using the University to Newcastle City cycling route.

The University (Callaghan) to Newcastle City cycleway currently crosses Maud Street. This is currently a challenging crossing to negotiate. The project includes new traffic signals to make this crossing safer for cyclists.

Initial work has been completed on stormwater drainage and conduits ahead of reconstruction work at the corner of Prince and Maud Street.


Future planned works

Further work in this area is to be scheduled in 2020 subject to final designs being completed and approvals granted. This future work includes:

  • Reconstruction of the kerb creating no exit from Vera Street onto Maud Street
  • Traffic signals to be erected between Prince and Vera Street (subject to RMS approval)
  • Advanced warning signage related to traffic signals to be erected north of the crossing.

At the completion of the project the following traffic arrangements will be in place:

  • No exit from Vera Street on to Maud Street
  • No right turn from Maud Street into Vera Street for southbound traffic (approaching from the railway overpass)
  • Left turn from Maud Street into Vera Street permitted for northbound traffic (approaching from Lorna Street)
  • There will be no change to permitted traffic movement in or out of Prince Street.

Future proposals

We are considering a number of other proposals related to traffic management in the area. Some of these proposals were part of community consultation in July and August 2017 covering Vera, Prince, King, Queen and Lorna streets as well as the University (Callaghan) to Newcastle City cycleway. 

Further investigation, consultation, design and approval is required before progressing with these proposals.

Proposed changes at the intersection of Lorna and Queen streets

The intersection of Lorna and Queen streets has been identified as a potential black spot due to the lack of right turn facilities.
Right turn bays on Lorna Street have been proposed to help prevent queuing on Lorna Street. This proposal will require approval from Newcastle City Traffic Committee prior to being implemented.

Proposed changes to parking arrangements on Lorna and Queen streets

To accommodate the proposed right turn bays on Lorna Street changes to parking will be required.
The proposed changes would extend the existing ‘No stopping’ zones on both sides of the street near the intersection.
These changes are also subject to consultation and approval from Newcastle City Traffic Committee prior to being implemented.

Other proposed plans

Other proposed plans for the area we will consider include:

  • traffic calming of King Street and Queen Street
  • Vera Street rehabilitation works
  • Review of access to and from the University cycleway (refuge at Vera Street and Queen Street and path between residences at junction of Queen and Vera streets).

These will be subject to further consultation and approval by the Newcastle City Traffic Committee.

 More information about the completed consulation for Maud Street proposed traffic changes 2017.

Working with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

City of Newcastle has been liaising with RMS throughout the detailed design phase to ensure that all requirements are addressed.
Changes to traffic management are considered by the Newcastle City Traffic Committee (which includes representation from Roads and Maritime Services, MPs, NSW Police and City of Newcastle). Changes to regulation of traffic must be resolved by the elected Council.
Implementation of traffic signals must be approved by RMS.
The project including the installation of traffic signals on Maud Street is part of an RMS Works Authorisation Deed process and a road safety audit.  In relation to the traffic signals advanced warning signage will be installed on the northern side of the railway bridge to alert south-bound traffic to be prepared to stop.

Cycle routes and facilities in the area

The R6 is the University (Callaghan) to Newcastle City cycleway. 
The route is shown in the map at http://www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/OnYourBike/Find-Your-Path (select Newcastle City to University). The project will change what is currently a challenging crossing for cyclists to negotiate.

Lorna Street and Queen Street cycle facilities

Lorna Street and Queen Street are not part of an identified cycle route and currently do not contain cycle facilities.  For cyclists choosing to use Queen Street and Lorna Street, space has been allocated for riding by providing a wide, kerb-side lane eastbound and an off-road bypass on the south at the intersection of Queen and Lorna Streets for westbound cyclists. 

Proposed shared path in the rail corridor

We are still liaising with the Australian Rail Track Corporation about a shared path within the rail corridor which runs behind properties along Vera and Prince Street. However, preliminary estimates indicate the cost for such a project would be greater than $6 million.  This proposal is unlikely to proceed without external grant funding and is not being actively pursued at this time.
This project would be subject to funding, approvals and cost benefit analysis prior to any further action.