Open and Transparent Governance Strategy

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW), Council adopts a Community Strategic Plan (CSP) which represents the highest level of strategic planning undertaken by City of Newcastle (CN). The CSP involves an extensive community engagement process to identify long term objectives of the community and the strategies to achieve those objectives and meet levels of service the community expects.
As the CSP is a shared community vision developed to inform policies and actions over the next ten years, CN is committed to the following seven strategic directions:

The purpose of the Open and Transparent Governance Strategy (Strategy) is to document the action we take or will take to achieve our Open and Collaborative Leadership strategic direction through a governance framework which:
  • Guides Councillors and staff on the principles to ensure the community has trust and confidence in the decisions made by CN
  • Ensures all processes and decisions are made openly and transparently.
In summary, the Strategy outlines how it sets to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Integrated, sustainable long term planning for Newcastle and the Region 
  2. Considered decision making based on collaborative, transparent and accountable leadership 
  3. Active citizen engagement on local planning and decision making processes and a shared responsibility for achieving goals 
  4. A local government organisation of excellence.
Download   the Open and Transparent Governance Strategy (pdf) 

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City of Newcastle has an Open and Transparent Governance Strategy.