Lodging a development application

Development applications must include a completed application form and all documents specified in the relevant checklist. The documents are to be placed on a USB or CD Rom or emailed to the City of Newcastle. The application will be reviewed to determine if it contains enough information for it to be lodged. If the application is considered acceptable for lodgement purposes, you will be contacted to arrange payment. Once the payment is taken the application is considered formally “lodged”.

To assist with the processing of applications and the correct identification of documents, applications should be named in accordance with the following document:

What type of applications are accepted electronically?

All development related applications including:
  • Development Applications (DA's)
  • Applications to modify a DA
  • Requests for reviews of determinations of DA's
  • Combined applications for a DA/CC/PCA
  • Construction Certificates
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Hoarding Applications
  • Pre-DA's
  • Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates
  • Building Information Certificates
  • Flood Certificates
  • Requests for copies of plans
  • Roads Act Application and
  • Subdivision Certificates

How can I lodge my application?

Applications can be lodged:

1. By email, meeting the following criteria:
  2. In person, at the Customer Contact Centre, located at 12 Stewart Avenue, Newcastle West. Call (02) 4974 2000 to book a lodgement appointment with the Duty Officer.

3. By mail: City of Newcastle, PO Box 489, Newcastle NSW 2300

Is an electronic copy of the application form and checklist required?

Yes, an electronic copy of the form and any applicable checklist are required.  It is recommended the form be completed electronically or scanned once all required signatures are provided, and included with the application.  Council's application forms can be accessed on our  DA Forms and Checklists page
Any USB or CD rom should be submitted with a covering letter detailing what is contained on the USB or CD rom, including the address of the application and the type of application. 

How should the electronic files be prepared?

The files should be prepared in accordance with the document tiled  Plan Standards i.e. a description of the document, the address of the subject property and the date the document was prepared.

How will documents be returned to me?

All correspondence, including any stamped plans, will be returned via the nominated email on the application form.  Documents that exceed 10MB will be placed in our Drop-box and made available for retrieval.
Would you like to book an appointment to lodge your DA?
Call 4974 2000 to book your appointment.

Appointments are 20 minute time slots at Council's City Administration Centre 12 Stewart Avenue, Newcastle. Please arrive five minutes before the appointment to avoid delays. No fee is charged for this service.

For more information please read our  FAQs on the Duty Officer process