CN provides two services to assist you with your Pre-Development Application (pre-DA) requirements, visit our Pre-Development Application Information and Services page for more information.

When considering what development may be permitted on your land you should consider the following matters:

What type of development would be suitable?

CN's Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP) provide guidance to the form of acceptable development. To understand the Newcastle LEP 2012 both the written document and maps that make up the LEP must be reviewed. This information is summarised on the Planning Portal providing an overview of the planning controls and legislation that applies to properties across the State, including the Newcastle LGA

Alternatively a link to LEP maps relating to each suburb can be found:

The maps referred to in the Newcastle LEP 2012 are listed below. The map name consists of:

  1. An alpha prefix identifying the map type (e.g. land zoning, floor space ratio, height of buildings, etc) and
  2. An alpha numeric number identifying its location in the city of Newcastle. Once you have identified the applicable map number (e.g. 004C) it will be the same for each map type.

The available maps from the LEP are listed below, more information and a brief explanation of their application can be found here. The ‘key’ to the maps are located within the left hand column of each individual map.

  • The Land Zoning (Map Prefix: LZN_)
  • Floor Space Ratio (FSR) (Map Prefix: FSR_)
  • Height of Buildings (Map Prefix: HOB_)
  • Lot Size (Map Prefix: LSZ_)
  • Heritage (Map Prefix: HER_)
  • Acid Sulfate Soils (Map Prefix: ASS_)
  • Wickham Redevelopment Area (Map Prefix: WRA_)
  • Land Reservation Acquisition (Map Prefix: LRA_)
  • Newcastle City Centre – 'Key Site' (Map Prefix: CL1_)
  • Urban Release (Map Prefix: URA_)

The above information is also available by purchasing a Section 10.7 - Planning Certificate for the parcel of land.

The DCP also provides guidelines to enable you to prepare your development application. The most commonly referred to include:

  • Section 3.02 Single Dwelling
  • Section 3.03 Dual Occupancy and Semi-Detached Dwellings
  • Section 4.01 Flood Management
  • Section 7.03 Traffic, Parking and Access
  • Section 7.06 Stormwater

CN offers twenty minute appointments with the front counter Duty Officer who can assist you with general advice about preparing a development application. To ensure you make the most of your time with the Duty Officer, it is recommended that you review the LEP maps applicable to the site and relevant sections of the DCP.

To make an appointment call 4974 2000.

Other matters to take into consideration

Determine what issues may impact on the ability to develop the property. Typical issues include:

Most of these restrictions will be indicated in a Section 10.7 - Planning Certificate, alternatively check the maps on Council’s web pages. The development should be designed taking into consideration any land constraints.

Construction impacting on Newcastle Airport

Restrictions are placed on the airspace within 15km of Newcastle Airport to maintain the integrity of the airspace of the airport. Permission must be requested to the Department of Defence to erect tall structures and cranes having a height exceeding 30 metres above ground level.

For more information see The Operation of Cranes and Tall Structures in the Vicinity of Newcastle Airport (PDF)

Contact details


Air Base Command Post

Phone: 02 4034 5888


What are the likely impacts on the streetscape and the neighbouring properties?

Does the development fit into the streetscape? Will the neighbouring properties be impacted by overshadowing, a loss of privacy?

It is advised to discuss the application with your neighbours prior to finalising your design. Early discussions with your neighbours will resolve the issues and give you the opportunity to explain your plans to your neighbours and to resolve any issues, reducing the likelihood of delays in the processing of the application.