Pre-Development Application Services

The following information and advisory services are available to assist you with preparing a development application (DA).

The Duty Officer

City of Newcastle (CN) provides a free development and building advisory service by our Duty Officer, either over the phone or in person at our City Administration Centre.

Appointments with our Duty Officer are available in 20-minute allotments to assist you with general advice about preparing a development application.

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Pre-Development Application

A Pre-Development Application (Pre-DA) can be lodged to receive detailed advice on your DA prior to lodgement.

Applicants for medium and large developments are encouraged to use this service to assist in lodgement of a complete and comprehensive DA, as this will result in quicker processing times. The service may also assist applicants for dwelling houses that are impacted by heritage controls.

Lodging a Pre-DA
How is a Pre-DA assessed?
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Additional Information and Tools

External Resources

NSW Planning Portal

Information to Consider Prior to Lodging your DA

What type of development would be suitable?
What are the likely impacts on the streetscape and the neighbouring properties?
Other matters to take into consideration
Construction impacting on Newcastle Airport
Would you like to book an appointment with the Duty Officer?

Call 4974 2000 to book your appointment.

Appointments are available in 20 minute time slots, either over the phone or in person at our City Administration Centre. No fee is charged for this service.