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What is Application Tracking?

City of Newcastle (CN) maintains information on development activity within the LGA in a public data base referred to as Application Tracker:

The Application Tracker enables you to access to historic data, track the progress of applications currently under consideration and associated documentation.

What types of applications are available in Application Tracker?

  • Development Applications (DAs), including Modifications (MAs) and Requests for Reviews (REs)
  • Complying Development Certificates (CDs)
  • Subdivision Certificates (SCs) and Subdivision Works Certificates (SWs)
  • Construction Certificates (CCs), Principal Certifier Applications (PCs) and Occupcation Certificates (OCs)
  • Planning Proposals (PPs)
  • Fire Safety Certificates (FSs)

Not all development proposals are submitted to CN for consideration, some are required to be submitted to the Department of Planning for assessment. Those applications include:

  • State Significant Development (SSD)
  • State Significant Infrastructure (SSI)
  • Transitional Major Projects (former Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) (now repealed but some existing applications under this assessment regime)
  • Other development assessed under Part 4 EP&A Act (including advertising signage and developments in the ski resort areas of the Snowy Mountains)
  • Modifications to approvals of the above.

More information on applications that have been submitted in the Newcastle Local Government Area can be accessed at the Planning Portal.

What plans and documents are available on the Application Tracker?

DAs submitted after the 18th December 2017 include documents submitted with the application, any submissions received and a copy of any determination issued. The information and documents have been provided to assist in tracking the progress of an application and represent milestones in the process but may not be a complete history of the application.

Access to documents

If the documentation you are seeking is not available on the Application Tracker, a request for development documentation can be submitted via one of the following methods:

  • If you are seeking information related to an application determined after 1 July 2010 and is not residential floor plans, this documentation is free of charge. Please complete our online form with specific details of the documentation you are requesting.
  • If you are seeking residential floor plans and/or documentation for applications determined prior to 1 July 2010, an Application for Historical Development Documentation is required and fees apply.

Terms and Conditions

If you access this website you will have taken to have agreed to the following terms and conditions:
  • The documentation displayed on the website is to assist in tracking the progress of an application. It represents milestones in the application process, but is not a complete history of the application.
  • The tracker may not include all development applications on a site e.g. historical applications that are not in our current electronic data base will not appear in the tracker.
  • Application Tracker lists the properties the application is proposed upon. The land description is the land valued by the Valuer General on that property. It does not always equate to the Lot and DP, the application is proposed on, these details are located within the application itself.
  • The tracker, may show all applications on a property, but it cannot be relied upon to show applications where subdivision or land consolidation has occurred, where the application was submitted on multiple lots of land or on land not valued by the Valuer General.
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  • Persons wishing to obtain more information about an application or applications on a site should contact CN.