Heritage Walks

Discover Newcastle's rich mix of heritage buildings and places at a leisurely pace by taking a heritage walk, or even perhaps a family scavenger hunt.

The Artists' City Walk

Newcastle has nurtured, supported and inspired generations of artists. Explore the city through their eyes. Visit the galleries that have displayed and celebrated their work. View examples of the extraordinary public art that populates the Newcastle landscape.

View The Artists' City Walk map or The Artists' City Walk map (PDF).

Carrington Heritage Walk

Explore the island of Onebygamba (Carrington), a 19th century settlement established next to Newcastle's coal port and reclaimed from the harbour using mostly ships ballast. Today it has transformed into a vibrant inner city suburb with a rich mix of Aboriginal culture and European colonial architecture and stories.

View the Carrington Heritage Walk map (PDF).

Convict and Industry Walk

During this walk you will explore the city’s early years as a convict settlement. Visit remnants of the great industrial enterprises that once defined the city and discover amazing engineering feats that allowed the city and its people to prosper.

This walking tour starts at the Convict Lumber Yard, one of the most significant archaeological sites of convict industry in Australia. It ends at Newcastle Museum, the home of incredible objects and exhibitions that celebrate the industrial and convict heritage of the region.

View the Convict and Industry Walk map or Convict and Industry Walk map (PDF).

Hamilton Heritage Walk

Discover how a 19th century settlement of immigrant coal miners transformed into the vibrant multicultural suburb of Hamilton.

View the Hamilton Heritage Walk map (PDF).

Lambton Heritage Walk

This is a self-guided walking tour of a prosperous 19th century mining town, Lambton. This heritage walk takes about 35 minutes to walk at a slow to moderate pace. This time frame does not take into account observation time at various points of interest. Hard copies of the map are available at Wallsend, Lambton and Newcastle libraries or below.

View the Lambton Heritage Walk map (PDF).

Newcastle Architecture Walk

The architecture of Newcastle showcases a rich diversity of styles that reflect the city’s prosperity and growth throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. On this tour you’ll explore buildings that have acted as cultural, political and economic icons for the people of Newcastle, and discover designs created by architects of local, national and international significance.

View the Newcastle Architecture Walk map or Newcastle Architecture Walk map (PDF).

Newcastle at War Walk

Generations of Novocastrians experienced the impact of war on their lives and their city.

This walk lets you explore Newcastle through the conflicts that have shaped its landscape and character. Meet locals that left Newcastle to participate in some of the most devastating wars in history and walk in their footsteps, visiting places dedicated to their memory.

View the Newcastle at War Walk map or Newcastle at War Walk map (PDF).

Newcastle Coastal Geotrail

Blending science with history, it explores the prominent rock platforms and cliffs of the coastline along Bathers Way from Nobbys Beach to Merewether headland, revealing how the amazing geology has influenced natural features and cultural heritage along the coastline. Go back in time more than 250 million years to learn of major volcanic eruptions, river floodplains and swamps that were covered by ancient forests, and hear the story about the opening of the Tasman Sea during the age of dinosaurs and the changing sea level over the past 100,000 years.

View the Newcastle Coastal Geotrail map or Newcastle Coastal Geotrail map (PDF).

The Obelisk & Surrounds Walk

The Obelisk and its surroundings in the Newcastle Recreation Reserve (King Edward Park) provide expansive views over the city and ocean. This is a walk through a significant Aboriginal cultural landscape, former convict mining sites, landscaped public gardens, war-time fortifications, and past prestigous Victorian homes and institutions of The Hill.

View The Obelisk & Surrounds Walk map (PDF).

Wallsend Town Centre Walk

Walk through historic Wallsend and enjoy highlights such as the Grapes Inn (c1869), the Railway Goods Shed (1877) and The Rotunda (1888) built by Robert Snowden and George Froome cast iron fluted columns.

View the Wallsend Town Centre Walk map (PDF).

Newy with Kids Scavenger Hunts

For the young and the young at heart. Newy with Kids family scavenger hunts - a fun family activity to get out and explore the historial landmarks and interesting places in the city that you might not necessarily notice. There are nine locations to choose from: