Tune In

Find your Local Radio Station

In an emergency you can tune in to your local radio station for advice and details about the current emergency situation.

ABC Newcastle Local Radio

In times of emergency, 1233 ABC Newcastle will provide emergency broadcasting, regularly updating and monitoring the situation.

To find ABC Newcastle you tune into AM and find 1233 on your dial.

The  ABC website also provides the latest weather warnings, as well as links to various emergency services, first aid tips and community safety links.

ABC Newcastle was awarded for its dedicated service during the June 2007 storms.

Other media outlets in Newcastle

  • AM radio 2HD
  • FM Radio Stations NSW FM, 2NUR FM, X107 FM and 2KO FM
  • Newcastle Television Networks NBN, Prime and ABC
  • Marine Radio Networks through the Volunteer Coastal Patrol and Volunteer Coast Guard
  • Citizens Band Radio Network (CREST)