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Beresfield: Bring this space to life

Of the 3 design options presented in late 2019, clear community favourites are establishing shade, new murals, and even a special heat reducing paint for footpath surfaces.

Beresfield: Bring this space to life

We listened 

During 2019 City of Newcastle (CN), in collaboration with the community and the University of Newcastle, undertook placemaking activities to revitalise the public space at the corner of Beresford and Lawson Avenues.

Incorporating input from the Beresfield community we developed and then presented three concept plans and art mural ideas for the community to nominate their favourite option. From this exhibition, it became aware that there was a strong preference for both Concept proposals 1 and 2. 

The final design will now be a combination of these design options to provide shade through both a shelter structure and tree canopy. Murals with a wetland animals and water theme will be developed, and even using a special heat reducing paint for footpath surfaces. The space will be transformed, providing a relaxed urban natural area for everyone to enjoy. 

We’re expecting to start construction on a new shade structure midway through the year along with planting trees and painting a wetland-themed mural. 

Visit Beresfield Local Centre to track the project stages. 

What we heard

In February 2019 we engaged artists Up’n’Up to hold workshops with children in local schools, to develop design themes for the new community space.

In April 2019 we held a placewarming activity and invited the community - those working, living and / or recreating in Beresfield – into the space to experience, generate and test ideas to imagine how the space could be activated and used into the future i.e. “warming the place”.

Approximately 100 locals attended the event to share their ideas and get a feel for the new space. Engagement activities included an ideas wall, on-site community activities, a bicycle workshop by Steads Cycles and music. Artists Up’n’Up attended to engage local children in street art activities.

Community ideas included edible community gardens, seedbanks, community library, shade, seating and adding creative aspects to make the space feel unique to Beresfield.

We would like to thank the local community for sharing your ideas to help us create a welcoming place for residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy into the future. 

Frequently asked questions

The placewarming activity invites the community, those who will be working, living and / or recreating in a place – into the space to experience, generate and test ideas to imagine how this space could be activated and used into the future i.e. “warming the place”.
Placemaking is a people-centred approach to planning and activating places.
It is the community who breathe life into a places and nurture them into the future.
Encouraging community to be part of the design process leads to places that are special, unique and meet local needs.
Place design can influence whether people want to use it, what they do there and how they feel about it:
  • If a place is badly designed it is likely to be underused, it may attract antisocial behaviour and become dangerous. This can lead to a downward spiral.
  • If a place is well designed with community input, it is likely to be well used, attracting positive activity and becoming a safe, inviting place to be. This positivity can become self-perpetuating.
Placemaking aims to achieve safe, vibrant and welcoming places and long-term community benefit.


Concept plans and art mural concepts

Concept proposal 1 ~ Corner garden with Green and Golden Bell frog mural

View Concept plan
View Concept artwork

Concept proposal 2 ~Underwater with Blue Billed Duck mural

View Concept plan
View Concept artwork 

Concept proposal 3 ~ Corner Garden with Great Egret mural

View Concept plan 
View Concept artwork

Project timeline

Community consultation
Public Domain Plan developed and exhibited
February 2017
Council approval
Detailed design
February 2019
In-school student workshops
April 6 2019
Bring your space to life day
May 2019
Project completion
July 2019
Placemaking completion
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