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Grants and Sponsorships Review

Grants and Sponsorships Review

Grants and Sponsorship Review

Our Grants and Sponsorships Review is aimed at supporting better and more streamlined access to funds and an improved experience for applicants along with greater consistency of information, timings, processes and opportunities. 

Funding programs being reviewed are: Economic Development Sponsorship; Community Place Making Grant; Council Support for Arts and Cultural Organisations in Newcastle; Event Sponsorship Program; Recreational Facilities Grant; and Youth Week Grants.

The review is being informed by three key inputs:

1. Community Engagement: In late 2019 over 100 individuals/organisations did a targeted survey about their experiences applying for CN grants and sponsorships. This was followed by two community workshops on 12 - 13 February 2020. More than 300 community members have contributed to this review.

A copy of the Community Engagement Summary Report is available. This report is one part of the review process.

2. Staff Engagement: Over 30 staff have participated in interviews and a workshop.

3. Best practice research: Looking at best practice examples from other local government councils and relevant reports.

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