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Local Strategic Planning Statement

Thanks to everyone that contributed to shaping the LSPS

Local Strategic Planning Statement

Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) adopted

We all know that our city is changing. To assist this transformation into a global city, City of Newcastle is developing a new Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS). The document will shape our land-use planning priorities to meet community needs and build on our Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan. Our planning priorities will identify the focus of future strategic planning work in Newcastle.

The Public Exhibition period closed for comments on Monday 9 March, 2020. The Statement was adopted at the May 2020 Council meeting.

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. 

Kids Say submissions

In 2019, local school kids shared their place-based ideas on how they would like to see Newcastle in 20-years time (2040).

We asked them to think about what types of houses they might want to see in Newcastle, what their favourite neighbourhood is and even how we should plan for our growing city. Here is a compilation of their creative responses:



Project timeline

August - September 2019
Phase 1: Vision setting
• Online survey and consultation • Drop in sessions at local events and libraries • School ‘big picture’ drawing activity

Frequently asked questions

A Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) is a legal document that will set the direction for how City of Newcastle will plan for land use over the next 20 years. This will help Newcastle to remain a smart, liveable and sustainable global city.

All Councils in NSW are required to prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement. This is a new requirement introduced by changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 in March 2018. It will link local planning to NSW State Government strategic planning and set out a clear path for how land use planning for Newcastle will respond to changes over the next 20 years.

The council of an area must prepare and make a local strategic planning statement and review the statement at least every 7 years.
(2)  The statement must include or identify the following:
(a)  The basis for strategic planning in the area, having regard to economic, social and environmental matters,
(b)  The planning priorities for the area that are consistent with any strategic plan applying to the area and (subject to any such strategic plan) any applicable community strategic plan under section 402 of the Local Government Act 1993,
(c)  The actions required for achieving those planning priorities,
(d)  The basis on which the council is to monitor and report on the implementation of those actions.
The Local Strategic Planning Statement will address how we will respond to change affecting important land use matters including:

  • Neighbourhood character
  • Employment and vibrant local centres
  • Heritage and place-making
  • Diverse housing choices for people at all stages in their lives.
It will also outline how the following NSW State Government strategic plans apply to Newcastle including:
  • Hunter Regional Plan 2036
  • Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036

The Local Strategic Planning Statement will provide a guide to the reasons behind planning controls and how land use is expected to change into the future to achieve the 20-year vision.

The planning controls in the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and the Newcastle Development Control Plan (DCP) will remain the main tools for delivering the land-use vision and guiding development. The Local Strategic Planning Statement will help shape planning controls and lead to a review in both the LEP and DCP.

Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan (CSP) has a broad focus and a vision for all of Newcastle.  It represents the highest level of planning we undertake at local government level, for all of Council's operations for a 10 year time period. It covers all social, environmental and economic matters such as libraries, natural areas, planning controls, stormwater and customer service.
The Local Strategic Planning Statement will:

  • Build on the CSP vision
  • Focus specifically on the vision and priorities for land use planning in the local area
  • Outline how we will plan for and respond to future change
  • Justify planning controls.

Importantly, the Local Strategic Planning Statement will link long term land-use matters in Newcastle CSP 2030 to requirements set out in the NSW State Government's strategic plans in a single clear document.

Matters raised during public exhibition will be reviewed and reported to Council before the Local Strategic Planning Statement is finalised.

Further information is available on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s website   and in the 'Important Links' section of this page. 

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