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Developing a new Social Infrastructure Strategy

Have you ever taken your toddler to playgroup, met with a community group, joined a local yoga class, kicked a ball with your friends in the park, or borrowed a book? Then you’ve probably used one of the great community spaces in Newcastle.

Developing a new Social Infrastructure Strategy

We're developing a new Social Infrastructure Strategy

We know how important community spaces are to our community, so we’re working on a plan to make sure our community has access to the spaces, services and programs they need to lead healthy and happy lives. As part of the process, we have been consulting with people across the city to help us better understand what you value about community spaces (social infrastructure) and what you and your community needs for the next 20 years.

Thanks for getting involved

Our community engagement closed 5pm Monday 30 November 2020. Results from the survey and online map along with a Engagement Report will be published in the coming weeks.

Public spaces (social infrastructure)

Community spaces are our free or publicly accessible community centres, libraries, museums and galleries, and our parks and gardens. Community space include

  • Community facilities (and the services and programs within them)
  • Community open space and recreation facilities (and the services and programs within them).

Newcastle’s community spaces make life more welcoming and accessible here. They support our health and well-being, build a stronger community and local economy, and are at the heart of our everyday life. People with access to great community spaces are generally healthier and happier than those who don’t. Our community spaces are vital to Newcastle to help us maintain both physical and mental health.

  • Sports spaces (and formal and informal team sports)
  • Parks
  • Natural spaces (inc. environmental reserves)
  • Beaches and rivers
  • Swimming pools
  • Beaches and outdoor pools
  • Indoor recreation (courts and pools)
  • Recreation and surf clubs
  • Golf courses and games
  • Outdoor courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Skate/bmx parks & youth plazas
  • Outdoor exercise facilities and exercise groups
  • Community centres and halls
  • Libraries
  • Early childhood education and care and school holiday programs
  • Schools, TAFEs, and universities
  • Arts and cultural centres (museums, galleries, creative arts centre, theatres)
  • Arts and cultural programs (arts and craft classes, events, exhibitions)
  • Civic centres
  • Outdoor events
  • Aged & disability services
  • Emergency services 
  • Residential Aged Care
  • Justice services
  • Lifelong learning (Playgroups, training courses, Story Time, language, computer skills)
  • Health and wellbeing (early childhood clinics, family support services, therapeutic services, cooking classes)
  • Spaces to hire for family events (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries)


In 2019, the City of Newcastle Council passed a resolution that social infrastructure is just as vital for economic prosperity as it is for social wellbeing, and that it benefits the entire community and plays a significant role in enhancing the lives of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities (Lord Mayoral Minute 25/06/2019)

Engagement timeline

March 2021
Public Exhibition
The draft Strategy is placed on exhibition for community and stakeholder feedback.

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