CPI for the December quarter released

15 Feb 2019

The Australian Bureau of Statistics have released the CPI figures for the December 2018 quarter. 

The All Groups CPI:
  • rose 0.5% this quarter, compared with a rise of 0.4% in the September quarter 2018.
  • rose 1.8% over the twelve months to the December quarter 2018, compared with a rise of 1.9% over the twelve months to the September quarter 2018.
Overview of CPI Movements:
  • The most significant price rises this quarter are tobacco (+9.4%), domestic holiday travel and accommodation (+6.2%), fruit (+5.0%) and new dwelling purchase by owner-occupiers (+0.4%).
  • The most significant price falls this quarter are automotive fuel (-2.5%), audio visual and computing equipment (-3.3%), wine (-1.9%), and telecommunications equipment and services (-1.5%).
To check out all of the facts and figures go to the ABS Website.