May Good Reading Out Now!

30 May 2019

Meet New York Times cartoonist Gavin Aung Than, discover new adult and young adult fiction, see upcoming events including the Orange Winter Fire Festival - this year's theme is "fireside reading" - and much more in this month's issue of Good Reading

Below are some of the new releases featured:

Things Nobody Knows But Me
by Amra Pajalic

When she is four years old Amra Pajalić realises that her mother is different. Fatima is loving but sometimes hears strange voices that tell her to do bizarre things. She is frequently sent to hospital and Amra and her brother are passed around to family friends and foster homes, and for a time live with their grandparents in Bosnia. At sixteen Amra finally learns the name for the malady that has dogged her mother and affected her own life: bipolar disorder. Amra becomes her mother’s confidante and learns the extraordinary story of her life.

Australia's First Naturalists
by Penny Olsen & Lynette Russell

Would Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson have ever crossed the Blue Mountains without the help of the local Aboriginal people? The invaluable role of local guides in this event is rarely recognised. Well into the twentieth century, Indigenous people were routinely engaged by collectors, illustrators and others with an interest in Australia’s animals. Yet this participation, if admitted at all, was generally ­­barely acknowledged. However, when documented, it was clearly significant.

The Great Emu War
by Gordon Cope

In 1932, in the wheat country of Western Australia, there was a plague of emus. The plague was so great that the Federal Government was convinced to send a squad of soldiers equipped with machine guns mounted on trucks to deal with the problem. They were ordered to shoot the emus – a tactic that had been tried before and failed miserably. Still, consistency often prevails while unrequited success weeps in the corner.

Being You: How to Build Your Personal Brand and Confidence
by Maggie Eyre

Practical, authoritative, inspirational, and illustrated with stories and case studies based on Maggie Eyre’s own international work and experience, this is the essential toolkit to developing a confident, authentic personal brand, whether you’re an established businessperson or just starting out in your career.