More for Members - Access Made Easy!

01 Jul 2019

Ever wished your library’s public access computers were more up to date and versatile? Printing, photocopying and scanning was simpler? Or the WiFi was faster?  Well we’ve been listening, and you will soon see some big changes across our library branches.  A new system is coming and members need to set-up their MyMonitor account through our online MyMonitor portal.  

From early August 2019 we are upgrading all public access computers and photocopiers to provide more options for our Members - choose to book Macs, high specs PCs and even sewing machines!  We are also linking the systems that work behind the scenes to make accessing, booking and using our equipment and services easier.    

To provide these additional benefits, a new interface called 'Monitor' is being introduced to Newcastle Libraries and this system will manage a range of public access equipment plus a whole lot more.   

To use Monitor, all Newcastle Libraries' members need to create an online MyMonitor account using their existing library card number and PIN.  Your library PIN is set to 1234 as default until you choose to change it. We recommend all members change their PIN, to change your PIN go to our online catalogue, log in and go to the 'My Account' section to change your PIN. Can't log in? Use the 'Forgot PIN' option to reset your PIN or ask our friendly staff for help online, over the phone or in your local branch!  

Your MyMonitor account is automatically linked to your library membership and becomes an extension of your current library benefits. The system will enable self service for printing, PC bookings, payments and sending printing from your own device both in branch and on the go. 

Setting up your 'MyMonitor' account is easy, simply go to our online MyMonitor portal or you can scan the QR code on any of the 'More for Members: Access Made Easy' posters you'll find in your local branch. 

Please note that Monitor and our MyMonitor portal will be live and ready to use from early August 2019. We advise customers to set up their MyMonitor account now but please do not add money to your account or attempt to use MyMonitor to pay any fees or fines before the system is up and running.

Need more information about all this amazing new technology coming your way? Check out the pages on our site under MyMonitor in our Explore menu. These cover print/copy/scan, using our computers and new features available such as printing on the go, online computer bookings and making payments online.

If you have any further questions please ask your helpful library staff for information in your local branch, via our Facebook page, by emailing or call us on 4974 5300.