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Whether you're in one as an excuse to drink wine and catch up with friends or looking to connect online and commit to trying out new titles, book clubs are full of great reasons to come together as a group with a shared passion for stories.

Our grab & go collection has plenty of the same titles ready to go on shelves, or you can reserve a book club kit containing 10 books for loan. Click here to search titles .Click here to search titles and then contact us on 02 4974 5300 to place your reservation.

We also have an amazing selection of eBooks tailored for book clubs. Check out Libby, BorrowBox, Cloud Library Classics. Don't have the app? You can download the eBook apps here to browse, download, and read eBooks on your smart phone or table.

Our knowledgeable staff have prepared guides for the E-book titles listed below. You can also find general discussion questions here.

Not in a book club yet? Why not join one of ours or start one now - scroll down to find out how!

Our knowledgeable staff have prepared guides for the E-book titles listed below. You can also find general discussion questions here.

E-book titles for Book Clubs Author Available as eAudio Discussion Guides
Eggshell Skull Bri Lee No Yes
Scrublands Chris Hammer Yes Yes
Teacher Gabbie Stroud Yes Yes
The Clockmaker's Daughter Kate Morton Yes Yes
The Turn of Midnight Minette Walters Yes Yes
Boys Will Be Boys Clementine Ford No Yes
Stranger Country Monica Tan Yes Yes
Daughter of Bad Times Rohan Wilson Yes Yes
Six Minutes Petronella McGovern Yes Yes
The Weekend Charlotte Wood Yes Yes
Your Own Kind of Girl Clare Bowditch Yes Yes
A Circle of Dead Girls Eleanor Kuhns No Yes
The Mothers Genevieve Gannon Yes Yes
The Electric Hotel Dominic Smith Yes Yes

Happy reading and good luck!

How to start a Book Club: Five simple steps

  1. Decide what kind of Book Club you want to start: is the purpose of your Book Club to read or to socialize? Do you want to read a specific genre, best-sellers, high literature, etc.?
  2. Choose a setting: do you want to meet in someone’s home, in a public space, or in an online forum? How often do you want to meet? Once a month is the standard, but if you plan on reading longer books you may want to meet every 6 weeks. Hosting your Book Club online makes meeting easy and convenient for members wherever they may be. If you decide to meet online the following videos show how to set up your Zoom Meeting.

  1. Invite Your Members: the ideal size of a Book Club is between 6 and 12 members. A great way to gather a large diverse group is to invite 3 to 5 people and ask each of them to invite a friend.

  2. Set up a pre-Book Club Meeting: gather everyone together to discuss the first book selection, the meeting place and time, how the Book Club will be run, and the goals for the Book Club. Bring one or two options for meeting times and the first book. Take a vote if you would like to have everyone involved in the decision making process.
  3. Select your first book and send out a Meeting Schedule for the remainder of the year. Done!