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Links to other great stuff:

Novelist Plus - Diverse Reads in Australia and New Zealand

Novelist Plus - A comprehensive guide to help you identify new authors and genres.

Gale Books and Authors - Search and match reading interests to books, authors, genres, or topics.

Literary Reference Centre Plus - In depth analysis, reviews and plot summaries of fiction for students and serious readers.

Goodreads - download this free app and keep up with everything happening in the world of books. Find out about new books, read and share reviews and join up with your bookish friends

Australian Crime Writers Association - can’t get enough crime? Find out what’s new in Australian Crime fiction and non-fiction

Sisters in Crime - Celebrate Australian Women’s crime writing, new releases, author interviews, blogs and more

Australian Romance Readers Association - do you love reading about love? Follow the blog, find out about events, new releases or join other romance fans in the Facebook community page

Australian Romance Readers Association - A Romance Rendezvous Lockdown 2020 including interview, reading and panel discussions with a group of romance authors, both Australian and International

Newcastle Writers Festival - watch previous festival sessions and `new author events

Sydney Writers Festival - live stream author talks, catch up on podcasts and more

Goodreads - podcasts - an excellent array of author talks across all genres, interests and styles

Better Reading - Engage with a community of book lovers on multiple platforms, live stream events, chat rooms, podcasts and more

The Book Podcast - The inside story of books from new and established Australian women writers of all genres

The Bookshelf - ABC podcast featuring authors, books, interviews and reviews

Conversations - Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may, or may not, have heard about — someone who has seen and done amazing things. Regularly feature Australian and international authors

Chat 10 Looks 3 - Annabelle Crab and Leigh Sales are avid readers, each podcast is full of recommendations for your next read, binge or listen

The Reading Podcast - The Readings Podcast is a celebration of books, reading and pop culture. Episodes are published fortnightly and include author interviews, event recordings, booksellers chatting about their favourite reads, industry insights, and more