Frequently Asked Questions

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What is flooding?
What causes flooding?
What is flash flooding?
What is a floodplain?
What is overland flow?
What is floodprone land?
What is a Floodplain Risk Management Plan?
What is a flood study?
What about a local drainage problem?
What is floodplain management?
Why does flooding occur?
Who is responsible for managing floods?
Can flooding be solved in Newcastle?
Is my property flood affected?
What is the probable maximum flood (PMF)?
What is the 1 in 100 year flood?
Did the June 2007 floods change Council's flood classification of my property?
How will flooding affect the value of my property?
Can I get house and contents insurance if my house is at risk of flooding?
Will I be able to get a home loan if my land is at risk of flooding?
Will clearing creeks prevent flooding?