Flooding - Be Prepared

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Know what to do before, during and after a flood

What to do before a flood

  • Know where it floods in your neighbourhood by identifying drains and the local waterway.
  • Improve your awareness by investigating your flood risk.
  • Be aware of your transport routes and plan alternative routes to avoid flood prone areas
  • Discuss your flood risk with neighbours
  • Use the interactive map to identify your flood risk
  • Sign up for the Flood Alert Service
  • Visit the SES flood website for information on how to prepare for a flood
  • Keep informed via ABC Radio Newcastle, the BOM website and social media

What to do during a flood

  • Check the BOM website for updates on flood warnings in your area
  • Stay indoors and listen to your ABC Radio Newcastle
  • Make contact with your neighbours and share information
  • Never walk or drive through flood water
  • If your home is damaged or flooded call SES on 132 500
  • Take the advice of the NW State Emergency Service SES if an evacuation order is given.

What to do after a flood

  • Make contact with your home insurer if flood damage occurred
  • Clean up your property and put waste at the kerbside for collection by Council
  • Contact Council if you have trees that are damaged by the event and require lopping.