Minmi Road Detention Basin (Declared Dam)

03 May 2022

Minmi Road Detention basin was constructed in 1986 when the road was raised by approximately 1.50m, increasing the available storage volume behind the embankment. Minor drainage works and work on the upstream side of the embankment was implemented in approximately 2018. The basin is bounded by Minmi Road, which forms the embankment to the east, Redwood Close to the west, and Cypress Close in the south.

The City of Newcastle (CN) manages the safety, risk, and maintenance of the dam structure in accordance with the Dams Safety Regulation 2019.

As part of CN's compliance with regulation residents are provided with the Annual Dam Safety Report for their information.

The dam structure has not filled with water since its construction. The primary function of the structure is the road embankment that supports Minmi Road, a key transport link in the Cities Western Corridor. Storm events in which there is a remote possibility of dam failure have not been experienced to date in Newcastle.

NSW Legislation