Arcadia Park

Obelisk Hill and Arcadia Park Landcare: Restoring Native Vegetation and Biodiversity to Our City Parks

Our Landcare group enjoyed a very active and most successful 2018, our eighth year on the job. Most of our time was spent in Arcadia Park, removing weed species trees and replacing them with littoral rainforest and Smooth Barked Apple woodland species.
We have received wonderful support from Bushland Services and City Council, and early in 2018 Council approved a Vegetation Management Plan for Arcadia Park to guide the new plantings. Elsewhere we maintained previously restored areas.
The installation of eighteen bird and mammal nesting boxes was made possible by a Make Your Place community project grant provided by the City of Newcastle. CityServe volunteers and students of Newcastle East Public School once again joined in to assist us in the huge task of mulching cleared areas and planting more than 4,500 native plants for the year.
Please call in to have a look and enjoy these beautiful natural locations. If you would like to join us, we meet at our container on Wolfe Street at 7.30am on the first and third Fridays of each month for about three hours. You can contact Landcare on 49043310 or email for more details.