Stockton Beach Works Updates

This page is updated monthly with the latest updates on coastal works at Stockton Beach. For the most recent news items relating to Stockton Beach visit our Latest News page. 

Monthly Works Update 

September 2020

  • Discussions are underway with a range of relevant parties to procure sand for the initial nourishment campaign and to access necessary approvals. The draft Sand Guideline for Stockton is under review and will inform this work.
  • Stockton Beach drone monitoring to inform the sand movement on the beach has been completed and sand movement works are underway.
  • We are working with the Port of Newcastle to enable the repair to the eroded north face of the landward end of the Northern Breakwater, (off King Street). This will allow for critical Port of Newcastle accessway remediation, and beach access to be reinstated to the southern end of the beach. Current beach pedestrian access and vehicle access is closed until the works are completed (estimated 2 month construction period).
  • Review of Barrie Crescent emergency work structure is underway to provide security in its stability in the short-term.
  • Investigations, design and material procurement for buried terminal protection structures is underway to protect priority assets at the following locations (in order):
    • Extension to the southern end of the Mitchell Street seawall, to protect Mitchell Street and nearby assets. Traffic changes will remain in place until the works are completed (estimated six months from start of works).
    • Extension to the southern end of the SLSC seawall at Lexie’s, to protect assets and open space, and reinstate beach access ways.
    • Extension to the northern end of the SLSC seawall at Dalby Oval, to protect open space, utilities and assets. No current beach pedestrian and vehicle access is permitted until works are complete.
  • We are preparing State Government grant applications for proposed works, that are now eligible from the Stockton CMP 2020.
  • We are preparing Stockton Beach, south of the SLSC, for the start of the summer season on 26 September.

Beach Access

  • All Stockton Beach accessways are being monitored. Works update below:
    • Off the end of Meredith Street – Limited sand movement to make the erosion scarp safer and accessway relocated.
    • Off Pembroke Street, at the Pines on northern end of the car park is open.
    • Little Beach - King Street accessway is open. Entrance has been repaired and debris has been removed.
    • Lexie's accessway - CN is currently using this accessway for cleaning up the beach and sand movement. Please follow the direction of CN staff and contractors. Contractors are rebuilding the access with an expected completion of 25 September.
    • Stockton Beach from King Street - There is no access and signage and barricades will be inspected and maintained until breakwater repairs are complete.
    • Stone Street at the north end of Mitchell Street seawall - access is not safe and cannot be reasonably repaired at this time.

City of Newcastle requests all residents and visitors be aware of changed conditions and follow directional signage, warnings notices and the instructions of authorities.