City of Connectivity

Smart Connectivity brings the community together through networks and information, to enable the flow of data in real time to share information and stories digitally.

Investment includes:

  • Smart poles in the CBD, Beresfield, and when local centre upgrades take place to provide free Wi-Fi, real-time environmental monitoring including air quality and pollution, and easy connection to power for events and street lighting.
  • Free public Wi-Fi in City of Newcastle buildings and facilities such as art galleries and libraries. Look for ‘City of Newcastle free Wi-Fi’ in your network settings. No password is required.
  • Cutting-edge technology like Augmented Reality to connect the current city landscape with historical indigenous sites and other cultural stories.
  • Virtual Reality of our Art Gallery so that rare and fragile artworks can be made available from everyone’s homes.
  • Establishment of an Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor Lab with local industrial designers and technologists to create an integrated product that provides sensor access to the City Centre.
  • A City App to make information available such as What’s On, walking trails, and information of facilities available in our parks and augmented reality experiences.
  • A Digital Library. where you can meet Pepper the dancing robot, see books come to life inside the Magic Box explore a five-metre digital Storywall and use the interactive tables to browse newspapers, magazines, games and storystomp collections.