Living Lab

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We're actively working with partners to establish the city as a ‘Living Lab’, a place to encourage experimentation, research and the development of solutions to city challenges and issues.

The Living Lab framework includes:

  • Digital and technology capabilities that enable prototyping, testing and evaluation of new products, services and ideas.
  • Soft infrastructure such as workshops, user groups and community panels - to involve city residents in trialling new ideas and citizen science projects.
  • Capability to deploy connected sensors across the LGA to help us understand our environment and make more informed decisions.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) advanced technology that incorporates the capacity to sense and obtain data to understand the environment and urban systems and assets.
  • Data that can help us better understand and respond to issues such as urban heat island effect, air pollution, flood management and water sustainability.
IoT Sensor Hardware Lab
Smart Pole IoT - Open Innovation
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