Lost and Found

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If we find a stray dog or cat, our first priority is to return it to its owner, which is why identification is so important.

Ensure that all your details are up to date, by creating an account and claiming your cat or dog on the NSW Pet Registry.

If we can't identify an animal or contact their owner they are transferred to City of Newcastle Local Animal Facility.

Lost pets

Report your pet as missing on the NSW Pet Registry

Contact us by completing a Customer Request form

Found pets

If you find a stray cat or dog submit a Customer Request form

A Ranger will then organise a time when you can take them to the City of Newcastle Animal Facility located at 75 Elizabeth Street, Tighes Hill.

You can also:

  • Return the pet to it’s owner if they can be identified
  • Ask an animal holding facility, such as a vet, to look after it
Seizing a dog from its property
Impounded cats
How long are impounded animals held
Impound fees
Request for hardship procedure
Fines, notices and orders