Priority Weeds

The Department of Primary Industry has determined weed species that are considered a 'priority' in terms of eradication or control in NSW. Of this list, there are 23 species that the City of Newcastle has identified as being a priority for the Newcastle local government area.

Weed prioritisation is based on a weed risk assessment (WRA) across the Hunter Region and the Newcastle LGA, and in some specific cases a site specific WRA may be undertaken to assess the risks an invasive plant may pose to key assets such as threatened ecosystems or listed vulnerable species.

The Newcastle and the Hunter’s high-priority weeds species and weed prioritisation is guided by the principle that managing weeds earlier rather than later is more cost effective. Newcastle's weed management objectives support this principle and prioritises outcomes for which can be achieved in the early stages of the invasion process.
Hunter Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan 2017 - 2022

The NSW Weed Risk Management (WRM) system provides a standard, nationally accepted and transparent process to help make decisions about prioritising weed species and determining appropriate management responses. The WRM system considers two components for prioritising weeds for management action:

  1. A weed risk assessment
  2. An assessment of the feasibility of coordinated and effective control.

Weed risk is determined through scoring a series of parameters (invasiveness, impacts, potential distribution) and likewise for feasibility of coordinated control (control costs, persistence, and current distribution). An assessment of these components provides a management objective that reflects the principles of effective weed management, and links with the objectives of the Biosecurity Act 2016.

NOTE: If an invasive plant is listed as a priority this does not ensure that enforcement or controls will always be undertaken, this is dependent on where the plant may lie on the weeds invasion curve, i.e. Prevent, Eradicate, Contain and Protect Assets.

Priority weeds for Newcastle