Report Local Issues

Learn more about issues that impact negatively on the community and what can be done about it. Let City Of Newcastle know if you witness or have information about illegal behaviour.


Neighbourhood noise, such as noise from animals, alarms, machines and parties can be annoying and very frustrating to those involved. However, Council will no longer be dealing with this type of request.

Illegal Dumping

Council may investigate reports of illegal dumping in public and private places. Council officers may attend the sites of illegal dumping and conduct thorough investigations.

Bill Posters

Council actively investigates the placement of bill posters on electricity poles, telegraph poles, hoardings around buildings and many other locations within the Newcastle area.


Council has been working to address issues that impact on the overall amenity of the city including graffiti, vandalism, community safety, cleanliness and appearance.

Vacant Buildings

Council staff carry out proactive monitoring as well as regular surveillance of areas with derelict buildings. They also provide current information to respond to community requests.

Abandoned Vehicles

Council classifies a vehicle as being abandoned when the vehicle is parked on a public street and the owner of the vehicle can't be identified. A vehicle may be unregistered and parked on a public street but not necessarily abandoned.

Unauthorised Signs

The erection or placement of structures, devices or articles including vehicles and vehicle-mounted fixed or variable message signs on public or private land for the primary purpose of advertising or promotion constitutes development activity.


Council does not issue approvals for busking, but anyone wishing to busk in the area should be aware that Council officers can and will regulate complaints regarding offensive noise and footway obstructions.


Pollution has the potential to can cause irreparable damage to the environment and to your health. Incidences of pollution should be reported. Pollution can come in many forms including air, water and land pollution.