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Find out all you need to know about parking in Newcastle including accessible parking, resident parking permits, event parking and the EasyPark app.

We manage a range of parking options in Newcastle in line with our shared community vision for a sustainable, liveable city where walking, cycling and public transport are viable, easy to access options.

Read the Newcastle 2040 vision, our Parking plan and Parking Implementation Plan.


Download our free EasyPark app and pay for parking, extend parking, stop parking and more on the go.

If you have any questions or don't have a smart phone please call 1300 734 070 or visit the EasyPark website

Good to know:

  • You get 15-minutes free parking with the EasyPark app in all 1P and 2P paid parking areas. The 15min free is only available on the Easypark App for 1P and 2P ticket/phone parking zones.

  • Hourly rates in 1P, 2P, 4P and 8P parking areas are $4.50 per hour Monday - Sunday.

  • 8P parking areas have a daily rate that varies between $8.00 - $11.00 per day depending on area.

  • All EasyPark transactions are subject to a 10% service fee.

  • Lock Out Period (EasyPark Only) After paying and parking for the maximum time stipulated on the parking sign posting there is a lock out period of 10 mins before you can renew your EasyPark session. This is to encourage drivers to move their vehicles after the maximum parking time has been reached to maximise parking turnover.

  • We encourage drivers to only park for the maximum time shown on the parking signposting. Parking for longer than the time shown is breaching the parking rules and may result in a parking penalty notice being issued.

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