In 2021, Council adopted a Parking Plan which sets a clear goal to manage parking to improve the amenity of our streets, support accessibility of our centres and to encourage mode shift to active and public transport. This goal is directly aligned with Newcastle 2040, and our community's aspirations for Newcastle to be a liveable, sustainable, and inclusive global city.

The Parking Implementation Plan sets timeframes and assigns responsibilities for projects and initiatives to improve the management of parking in our city. We are currently working on several actions identified in the Implementation Plan, including a review of existing timed parking restrictions across the city centre, and the installation of smart parking sensors.

We use proven technology, innovation, data analysis, and the Newcastle Parking Management Framework to ensure parking restrictions are appropriate for the local context and support the needs of local business, residents, and visitors.


Download our free EasyPark app and pay for parking, extend parking, stop parking and more on the go.

If you have any questions or don't have a smart phone please call 1300 734 070 or visit the EasyPark website

Good to know:

  • You get 15-minutes free parking with the EasyPark app in all 1P and 2P paid parking areas. The 15min free is only available on the EasyPark App for 1P and 2P ticket/phone parking zones.

  • Hourly rates in 1P, 2P, 4P and 8P parking areas are $5.50 per hour Monday - Sunday.

  • The daily parking fee in 8P parking areas is $12 per day Monday - Sunday.

  • All EasyPark transactions are subject to a 10% service fee.

  • Lock Out Period (EasyPark Only) After paying and parking for the maximum time stipulated on the parking sign posting there is a lock out period of 30 mins before you can renew your EasyPark session. This is to encourage drivers to move their vehicles after the maximum parking time has been reached to maximise parking turnover.

  • We want to promote a regular turnover of car spaces to help make finding a park easier in the most sought after locations across the Newcastle LGA. Time based parking restrictions provide this turnover by regulating the longest period a vehicle can stay parked in a particular area, with the time periods based off the surrounding area and the type of usage of the road space. 

  • Drivers should move their vehicle before reaching the maximum amount of time shown on the parking signpost. If the vehicle is not moved this may result in a parking penalty notice being issued, even if you have paid for a new ticket or reset the parking on your EasyPark app. 

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