Assisted Household Waste Collection Service

We provide an Assisted Household Collection Service for residents who, through age, a medical condition or disability, are unable to place their waste bins on the kerbside for collection. This service includes the collection of bins from, and their return to, an agreed location within the resident’s property.

To be eligible for the service, you must:

  1. Request an application form by emailing us at or by phoning 4974 2000.
  2. Obtain a current medical certificate / letter from a general practitioner or other relevant medical professional, indicating that you are unable to place your bins at the kerbside for collection (note - this cost is to be borne by the applicant).
  3. Return the fully completed form and attachment(s) to our Waste Services team.

Once an application is submitted, we will arrange an on-site inspection of your property to approve the site and identify where bins will be accessed from and returned to. Please note the nominated collection site must be visible from the front of the property; City of Newcastle and its contractors will not enter backyards, outdoor areas or the rear of dwellings to collect bin/s.

A service shall only commence after an application has been approved. This approval is valid for a maximum of two years from the date of service commencement. We will send a reminder notice prior to the expiration of the approval requesting an additional application from the resident for the service to continue.