Collection Days

Your general waste (red lid) bin is serviced every week. Your recycling (yellow lid) and green waste (green lid) bins are serviced on alternate weeks, on the same day as your general waste collection.

Your bins must be on the kerb by 5am on your collection day. You can help to ensure that your bins don't get missed by getting it right on bin night.

Kerbside collection days

You can find your bin collection day, including your recycling and green waste weeks, using:

  1. The City of Newcastle App on your mobile phone.
  2. Our Waste Collection Search below.

To use the Waste Collection Search:

  1. Type your address into the search field below. As you type, your address should appear in a drop-down list. Select your address from the drop-down list.
  2. Once you have selected your address, the map will zoom in on your property. Click on the coloured map area immediately surrounding your property.
  3. A pop-up calendar should appear on your screen showing your collection day. You can click on the calendar to increase its size and view your waste collection weeks.
  4. Note: If you already know your waste collection area, you can directly access your calendar via these links: Area 1 Calendar and Area 2 Calendar.

Public holiday collections

All kerbside waste and recycling collection services will take place as usual on public holidays in 2021.