Coffee Capsule Recycling Trial

Newcastle residents are invited to take part in an Australian-first kerbside recycling trial of aluminium coffee capsules.

Until now, residents have had to post their used aluminium coffee pods—or drop them off at designated collection points—to recycle them.

When you register for the Curby Capsule Program, you'll be sent specially designed, bright orange "CurbyBags" to collect your used aluminium capsules. Once full, you can place the CurbyBags in your yellow lid recycling bin. It's that easy!

The CurbyBags will be separated from your other recyclables at the materials processing facility (MRF) and sent to Nespresso's specialist recycling plant in Nowra. The coffee grounds will then be composted and the aluminium and plastic recycled.

The trial will test the collection and sorting of capsules and inform the potential for a national coffee capsule recycling scheme, that may be rolled out to all households.

Participation in the trial is free and is for the recycling of any brand of aluminium coffee capsule. Plastic, biodegradable and compostable capsules are not included.

You can register by downloading the Curby App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Please note: Coffee capsules can't be placed in your yellow lid bin unless they're in the special orange CurbyBags.