Procedures on Site

Summerhill ticket system

On arrival at Summerhill your load is weighed and the weighbridge operator will issue you with a ticket.

Vehicles under two tonnes, such as cars and utes, will be directed to the transfer station to unload. This facility is paved and covered.

All other suitable vehicles are directed to either the landfill disposal area, or to the green waste and sorted masonry recycling and processing areas.

Before unloading, you must hand your weighbridge ticket to the site controller, who will inspect your load and validate your ticket. You must hold on to this ticket so that you are charged correctly on the way out.

Safety on site

Summerhill’s on-site safety procedures are in place for everyone’s protection and must be adhered to at all times. As a minimum, while on site we insist that you:

  • Obey speed limits, signs and staff instructions
  • Do not uncover your load until you have reached the point of disposal
  • Wear enclosed footwear. It is also strongly advised that you wear suitable personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and safety glasses
  • Keep children and pets inside your vehicle
  • Do not smoke anywhere on site
  • Ensure that your vehicle is on flat ground before tipping waste
  • Do not tip your load if you are not satisfied that the tipping surface allows you to do so safely.