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Upgrade to Mitchell Street, Stockton

A spruce-up of Mitchell Street is coming in 2021.

Upgrade to Mitchell Street, Stockton

We're planning an upgrade of Mitchell Street, Stockton

We engaged with the local community early in this project to understand what was important and how we could improve Mitchell Street. You told us you love the community atmosphere but would like it to be enhanced with improved public spaces. The upgrade will:

  • Improve access and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Improve visibility and traffic flow for drivers.
  • Improve the look and feel of the public spaces with new paving and landscaping.
  • Upgrade drainage infrastructure and improve water quality with new rain gardens.
  • Improve the natural environment and increase shade cover by providing more trees and groundcover planting. The number of trees in the section of Mitchell Street being upgraded will increase from three to 40 trees – a significant boost to shade along the main street!

Thanks for having your say

Thanks to everyone who provided their opinions, ideas and colour preference for the planter boxes to be installed at various locations on Mitchell Street as part of the Upgrade.

The feedback captured in December 2020 helped to inform our design for Mitchell Street. The findings are outlined in the full engagement report and a summary is below.


Next Steps

We reviewed the feedback and have incorporated it into construction planning. Construction commenced at teh beginning of March 2021. The preferred colour choice for planter boxes was charcoal so we will proceed to install charcoal planter boxes.

Visit Mitchell Street Upgrade webpage for the latest updates on this project.

Artist impression Mitchell Street. Indicative only, subject to change

Protecting your privacy

The City of Newcastle is committed to protecting your privacy.  We take reasonable steps to comply with relevant legislation and Council policy.
Purpose of collecting personal details: Council is collecting this information to determine the local community’s views and opinions on the proposal outlined.
Intended recipients:  Information provided as part of the consultation will be used as part of the investigation into the proposal, and may be included in future reports on the issue.
Storage and security:  Information provided will be stored on Council's database and will be subject to Council’s information and privacy policies.
Access: Individuals can access data to check accuracy by contacting Council.

View the plans for Mitchell Street

View planter box colour options

Project timeline

Frequently asked questions

In 2016 we audited all of the Local Centres within Newcastle LGA. Through this process Stockton was prioritised for infrastructure renewal.  

The purpose of the plan is to identify and resolve public domain issues within Stockton Local Centre, which is the section of Mitchell Street between Hunter Street and King Street.  

The plan includes public land including streets and public open spaces within Stockton Local Centre, which is zoned B2 in the Newcastle Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2012. 

The objective of B2 zoning for Local Centres is to provide a range of retail, business, entertainment and community uses that serve the needs of people who live in, work in and visit the local area. For more information on B2 zoning and our Local Environment Plan visit 

Privately owned land, and land outside of the defined Local Centre area.

The Mitchell Street upgrade is funded out of our Urban Revitalisation Program, which is separate to the funding for management of erosion at Stockton Beach. Funding of the Mitchell Street upgrade does not redirect funds from our investment in management of erosion.

Managing the erosion issues at Stockton Beach remains a key priority. Both are important for the Stockton community both now and into the future.

The issues dealt with include:

  • Transport safety, access and parking (vehicle, cycle, pedestrian, buses and taxis).
  • Infrastructure (roads, drainage, trees, street furniture, lighting and public utilities).
  • Legibility, way finding and useability (connectivity, signage, landmarks, opportunities for outdoor dining and different uses of the space).
  • Look and feel, as well as the environment (trees, mass planting, public art, heritage interpretation, quality of design).
  • Crime (graffiti, vandalism, theft etc).
  • The speed limit on Mitchell Street between King Street and Hunter Street will be reduced from 50km/h to a 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area.
  • Slower traffic and kerb extensions at intersections will make it safer for pedestrians to cross the road and easier for traffic to enter Mitchell Street from side streets.
  • Three pedestrian crossings are proposed to cater for the main pedestrian flows, with one located at the King Street / Mitchell Street intersection and two located at the Crown Street /Mitchell Street intersection.
  • At the King Street /Mitchell Street intersection kerb extensions and traffic calming devices will slow traffic and allow better visibility for drivers turning right from King Street into Mitchell Street. 
  • Footpath paving will be continued across laneway entries, giving pedestrians right of way.

The entrances at each end - at the King Street / Mitchell Street intersection to the north, and at the Hunter Street /Mitchell Street intersection to the south, will be improved as follows:

  • The gateways will form entries to the 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area and will have signage, kerb extensions and tree planting.
  • The King Street gateway will continue to be signposted as the main entry into the main street area from Fullerton Street.
  • The Hunter Street gateway will continue to be signposted as the main entry into the main street area from the ferry terminal and will be accentuated by future improvements to the ferry terminal and adjacent foreshore.
  • A concrete ashlar patterned footpath extending along the western side of Mitchell Street will guide people from the Hunter Street gateway into the main shopping area. An ashlar pattern within the concrete is created by cutting lines into the path to create a patterned finish that looks similar to stone pavers (see right for an example of ashlar paving finish).
  • The main shopping area on Mitchell Street will be defined by a pedestrian crossing at each end.
  • Shade trees will be planted in the footpath where possible and in the parking lane where there are overhead awnings. The number of street trees will increase from 3 to 40, significantly adding to the shade canopy and visual appeal of the area.
  • Footpaths within the area will be plain concrete with an ashlar pattern which creates a stone-like effect, reflecting the age of the buildings.
  • New street furniture will be installed. The furniture chosen will be consistent with the street furniture installed at Stockton Active Hub, creating consistency between these two neighbouring precincts.
  • Kerb extensions will include ground cover planting to green the street.
  • The commercial centre precinct between King and Crown Street will be highlighted with landscape elements and planting to reinforce its location, with improvements also proposed to the forecourt of the library.
  • Rain gardens with decorative patterning will “polish rainwater” with tolerant grasses to help reduce surface runoff and improve water quality.

Yes. The number of regular parking spaces will be reduced from 59 spaces to 54, however the number of disabled spaces will increase from 3 spaces to 4. The reduction in spaces is necessary to accommodate the new pedestrian crossing and kerb extensions, which are intended to improve safety for all road and footpath users, as well as the placement of some of the new street trees.

  • The speed limit on Mitchell Street will be reduced from 50km/h to a 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area to make it safer for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.
  •  Bus stops will be retained in their current locations for easy access to the shops.
  • A disabled parking space will be provided close to the Senior Citizen's Centre and General Practitioner (GP) clinic.  
  • Street furniture will be upgraded.
  • Footpaths in poor condition will be replaced.
  • Stone patterned concrete paving will be used in the core area and along the western side of Mitchell Street from Crown Street to Hunter Street.
  • Footpath paving will be continued across laneway entries, giving pedestrians right of way.
  • Shade trees will be planted in the footpath where possible and in the parking lane where there are shop awnings.
  • Crime will be discouraged through good environmental design.

Street lighting will be improved along Mitchell Street.

We have written to the private owners of the IGA shopping complex regarding a number of community concerns regarding the design, lighting, maintenance and overall safety of the shops and car park. We cannot make changes on private land.

Mitchell Street currently lacks drainage between King Street and Crown Street and there is no outlet for the natural low point in the IGA car park.

  • We propose to construct missing sections of drainage and to provide the IGA car park with an outlet.
  • The IGA car park is privately owned and it will be up to the owners to make drainage improvements on their land which connect to the outlet we provide.

Detailed design is being finalised, and construction is currently scheduled to commence in early 2021.

We will be in touch with the community closer to the beginning of construction to share an update on staging and construction impacts.

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