Social Event Packages

Cocktail parties, Christmas parties...just about any party!


At Newcastle Museum you have the choice between our two exclusive caterers Civic Digest and Harvest & Soul - Catering & Events.

Civic Digest

Civic Digest is conveniently located in the Civic Theatre and are experienced for events large and small. Newcastle Venues would be delighted to assist with menu selection and quoting.

Contact: 02 4927 8552 |


Harvest & Soul - Catering & Events

Harvest & Soul - Catering & Events are Council's in-house caterer at Newcastle City Hall. with over 15 years of experience in the catering and events sector, they know how to deliver the highest quality food and beverage offerings designed to impress your guests.

Download the Harvest & Soul's Social Events Menu (PDF).

Contact: 0425 775 885 | |

For further information, please contact the Newcastle Venues team on 02 4974 2166(*1) or

**No external catering is permitted at any of our venues**

Newcastle Venues Team
Please do not hesitate to contact Newcastle Venues if you would like a tour of rooms or to get a personalised quote.
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