Smarter Living

City of Newcastle is leading the way as we transform into the next generation of smarter living.

With our national award-winning Smart City Strategy, we’re working with a number of stakeholders to implement a range of initiatives that will make life easier – creating a smart, liveable and sustainable global future for all Novocastrians. Now, that's smart.

City of Mobility

We're improving transport for the future of Newcastle through investment partnerships with Transport for NSW.

City of Connectivity

We're providing free Wi-Fi, digital touch screens, augmented reality and a digital library so our community can connect through information.

City of Sustainability

We're using innovation and technology to create a sustainable, clean future for all Novocastrians.

City of Innovation

We’re attracting new businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to diversify our industries to grow our digital economy.

City of Collaboration

We're encouraging collaboration and innovation to solve the city's challenges.

City of Opportunity

We're open to new ways of thinking and capability to solve the city’s challenges now and well into the future.