Newcastle 2030

The Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan reflects the community’s vision for the city and is our guide for action. It tells us what we are striving to achieve, the strategies we are using to achieve it and the outcomes that will indicate we have reached our goals.

We take a lead role in the implementation of this Plan; however, responsibility for achieving our long-term goals rests with all levels of government, businesses, industry groups, community organisations and individuals.

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Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028 - Click on image to download PDF

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Summary version

Better Together - Our 2030 Plan

Our updated 2030 plan will shed light on what we all value in Newcastle, what we want to improve and what we need to do to make the city thrive.

Current Strategic Directions

Our strategic directions cover everything we want from our future Newcastle, from vibrant and active public spaces to a smart and innovative city with open and collaborative leadership.

Delivering Our Vision

The Newcastle 2030 plan will be delivered with strategic directions and actions. We will constantly measure progress towards our objectives.

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At the end of each Council term we report on the delivery of the community strategic plan in an End of Term Report.