Newcastle 2030

The Newcastle 2030 community strategic plan reflects the community’s vision for the city and is our guide for action. It tells us what we are striving to achieve, the strategies we are using to achieve it and the outcomes that will indicate we have reached our goals.

Work has begun on completely updating this landmark plan. The updated Newcastle 2030 plan will be released in 2018, following a broad range of community engagement activities to find out what matters most to the people who live, work and play in Newcastle.


Newcastle 2030 (revised 2013)

June 2017 Newcastle Herald Community

Strategic Plan liftout

Newcastle 2030 End of Term Report  2012-2017

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Better Together - Our 2030 Plan

Newcastle City Council's updated 2030 plan will shed light on what we all value in Newcastle, what we want to improve and what we need to do to make the city thrive.

Current Strategic Directions

Our strategic directions cover everything we want from our future Newcastle, from vibrant and active public spaces to a smart and innovative city with open and collaborative leadership.

Creating Our Vision

Our shared vision for Newcastle is for a smart, liveable and sustainable city. This was developed following input from a wide cross section of the community.

Delivering Our Vision

The Newcastle 2030 plan will be delivered with strategic directions and actions. We will constantly measure progress towards our objectives.