Skate Parks

Newcastle offers 9 skate parks. Skate parks provide young people with a custom built facility to improve their skills in a safe environment.

Local skate parks

Bar Beach-Empire Park Skate Park is open to the public.

Address: Opposite Bar Beach, Memorial Drive, Newcastle

The recently completed skate park features a 7- 11 foot bowl and plaza style street section- making it one of the most progressive, diverse skate facilities in the country. There is also batball courts, seating and shade areas in the area.

Elermore Vale Bowl is a Mexican hat style bowl ranging from 3-5 foot with varying degrees of difficulty in the transition. It has mostly curved edges which best suit BMX and scooter riding.
Address: Elermore Vale Park, Off Croudace Road (behind shopping centre), Elermore Vale

Islington Bowl is another of Newcastle’s bowl skate facilities. Ranging from the intermediate gradient to somewhat expert in the blink of an eye this structure provides something for the more skilled rider- beginners are cautioned to stay in the shallow area.
Address: Islington Park, Maitland Road, Islington

Maryland Skate Park has a concrete half pipe and linked metal street style section. Located next to the local shopping centre it provides a popular recreation area. Of the metal obstacles there are 8 foot banks on opposite ends of the park with a multi sided and sized pyramid in the middle. a curved ledge, pole jam, banked jersey barrier and banked ledge are slo some of the other technical elements that be found at Maryland.
Address: Grange Avenue Reserve, Boundary Road, Maryland

New Lambton Skate Park is a pre-mould styled park. It has 7 foot ¼ pipe to bank transitions on opposite sides of the park and a 4 foot spine ramp with an adjoining volcano styled fun box and slider bar New Lambton provides more than the average pre-mould park.
Address: Corner Wallarah and Womboin Streets, New Lambton

Mayfield Skate Park is currently the most recent addition to the Newcastle skate parks with a variety of concrete blocks, ¼ pipes, hips and banks. Designed by skateboarders, this skate park is a popular destination for youth and adults. Located on a main road and close to food as well as a skate shop it provides a service to the community.
Address: Dangar Park, Maitland Road, Mayfield

South Newcastle Beach Skate Park is a large concrete park with a plethora of transitions and street influenced obstacles along with a 6 foot metal halfpipe. This park is in a picturesque location, metres form the beach and bordered by scenic walkway. Unfortunately drainage issues and weathering have made it a location best served for scooter and bmx riders due to the rough, unstable terrain.
Address: South Newcastle Beach, Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle

Stockton Skate Park has a concrete halfpipe almost identical to Maryland, it also has an linked street style skate park with 6 foot ¼ pipes on one end of the park and an 8 foot bank on the other. Between these there is a volcano style ramp with adjoining bump and slider bar. Council have moved the ramps formerly at the Palais skate park to Stockton- adding 2 metal ¼ pipes and a small metal box.
Address: Rawson Park, Mitchell Street, Stockton

Wallsend Skate Park - The park was originally designed with bike users in mind but now also has the recent addition of a skate interchange. The skate interchange consists of large steel sculptures which provide new technical challenges for users of the facility while adding constrast and value to the overall skate park. The facility has experienced a high level of use and has attracted large numbers on weekends and during school holidays. It has also been used for local bike competitions.
Address: Wallsend Park, Brooks Street, Wallsend

Please note: All skate parks are smoke free areas.