Tree Pruning

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Council consent is not required to prune trees or remove dead branches provided:

  1.   pruning specification (pdf) has been prepared in accordance with the Australian pruning standard (AS473) by a AQF Level 3 Arborist, and
  2. The work is carried out by a minimum AQF Level 2 Arborist in accordance with the prepared specification.
Refer to Section 2 of Councils   Urban Forest Technical Manual (pdf) for more detail.

Note: All cuttings and/or mulch should be disposed of appropriately. Tipping of these materials on Council land is dumping which can incur penalties or prosecution.

Pruning overhang from a neighbours tree

If your neighbour agrees to pruning of their tree you will need a written specification and works carried out as detailed above.

For information on tree disputes go to the   trees & neighbours page.

Don't top trees

Untrained or uninformed tree ‘loppers’ may urge you to cut back all of the branches to shape the tree, or may suggest that shorter trees will be less likely to fail in future wind storms. Topped trees are more likely to fail in the future than untopped trees.

Council will not support applications for lopping or topping trees. Lopping or topping trees can lead
to  penalties or prosecution being applied.

Where can I get more information about trees and council?

For further information contact the Council's Customer Enquiry Counter on 02 4974 2000.