Off Street Parking

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Mall Car Park

City of Newcastle provides one parking station for use in the city.  Mall Car Park, 92 King Street, Newcastle.  

For all parking enquiries please call (02) 4974 2000.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday - 7am to 7pm 
  • Saturday 7am to 4:30pm

Fees and charges monthly parking account

Designated space - $220 per month
Unlimited access - $270 per month
Concession - $140 per month

How to lodge your application

To apply for permanent parking at Mall Car Park you need to read the terms and conditions and complete an application form.

Applications can be lodged either:

  • In person at the Customer Enquiry Centre, located on the Ground Floor of 282 King Street, Newcastle. Business Hours from 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • By mail: City of Newcastle, PO Box 489, Newcastle NSW 2300
  • By email:

Fees and charges casual parking

Up to 1 hour - $4.50
Up to 2 hours - $9
Up to 3 hours - $12
Up to 4 hours - $15
4 hours + - $20
Weekly (5 days only) - $60
Daily early bird - per day for a continuous stay exceeding 7 hours
where the vehicle enter before 9:30am Monday to Friday - $11
Saturday flat rate - $5 (The Saturday flat rate of $5 has been waived until Saturday 28 December 2019)

Frequently asked questions

How many spaces are available?
  • Designated space - A designated space is assigned for your use with access to the station 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Additional fees apply for use outside these hours
  • Unlimited access - A designated space is assigned for your use with access to the parking station 24-7
  • Concession - This pass is only available to registered not for profit organisations, i.e., Charities.
What happens if I lose my ticket?

Maximum daily ticket fee applies.

How do I get my car out of the car park after it closes?
Phone (02) 4940 7800 to arrange release of your car, Cost $80 release fee plus applicable parking fee.

How fast can I drive and how do I park?
There is a 10km/hr speed limit and always park forward between indicated lines.

Newcastle City Centre Off Street Parking Map

View the Newcastle city centre off-street parking map