Coastal Planning

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Under the Coastal Management Act 2016 local councils are required to prepare coastal management programs (CMP) that outline the long-term strategy for management of the coast in a coordinated manner.

Newcastle Coastal Management Programs

City of Newcastle has commenced development of coastal manaement programs for the Newcastle open coastline and Hunter River lower estuary. The Newcastle coastal zone will be covered by:

  • Stockton CMP
  • Newcastle Southern Beaches CMP
  • Hunter Estuary CMP

The NSW Coastal Management Manual outlines that coastal management programs are to be prepared in a five stage process as illustrated right.

Stage 1: Identify the Scope of CMP - complete

The scoping study is the first stage of the CMP process and informs the future planning and management of Newcastle’s coastal zone.

The purpose of the scoping study is to:

  • provide an overview of the existing knowledge of coastal processes, coastal hazards and the use of the coastal zone within the Newcastle LGA;
  • provide the strategic context for management of Newcastle’s coastal zone;
  • review the existing management of the coastal area; and identify knowledge gaps within existing studies or management plans and identify the focus of the CMP.

The Newcastle CMP Scoping Study Summary provides an overview of the Newcastle CMP Coastal Zone, summarises the management issues and risks and outlines the next steps.

The  Newcastle CMP Scoping Study includes detailed overview of the Newcastle coastal zone, the strategic context for the CMP and additional data on coastal management issues and risks.

Download the Newcastle CMP Scoping Study Summary (PDF)

Download the Newcastle CMP Scoping Study (PDF 13mb)

In February 2020 in response to the severity of the ongoing coastal erosion at Stockton and the relocation of public assets the Stockton CMP was fast-tracked and completed by June 30, 2020.

Stage 2 - Determine risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities - currently underway

We will be undertaking further studies and collating information and data on areas where there is limited existing information or knowledge gaps in available studies.

Stage 3 - Identify and evaluate options

We will undertake consultation with the community and stakeholders regarding management options and potential actions for inclusion in the CMP

Stage 4 - Prepare, exhibit, finalise, certify and adopt CMP

We will undertake consultation with the community stakeholders to review draft CMP. The CMP is required to be certified by the NSW Government.

Stage 5 - Implement, monitor, evaluate and report

Following adoption implementation, monitoring and reporting will be ongoing in line with the CMP.

Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018

Prior to the introduction of the Coastal Management Act 2016  local councils prepared coastal plans under the Coastal Protection Act 1979 (now repealed). These plans were coastal zone management plans.

City of Newcastle's elected Council adopted the  Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018 (pdf) (CZMP) on 24 July 2018 and the plan was certified by the Minister for the Environment on 24 August 2018.  The Newcastle CZMP 2018 provides the current management framework for the Newcastle coastline and guides actions and projects to be undertaken by City of Newcastle and other stakeholders.  Management actions relate to coastal hazards along with recreational and environmental issues.