Coastal Management and Planning

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What coastal management plan is in place now?

The Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018 (CZMP) and the Stockton Coastal Management Program 2020 (CMP) prescribe the short and medium-term actions to manage the coastal environment and identified coastal hazards. 

City of Newcastle has commenced development of coastal management programs for the Newcastle open coastline and Hunter River lower estuary. The Newcastle coastal zone will be covered by:

  • Stockton CMP
  • Newcastle Southern Beaches CMP
  • Hunter Estuary CMP

We have separated the northern and southern coastal areas to focus on the specific issues of each area, to ensure the integration of existing plans and studies, and to capture the values and guiding principles of the surrounding communities. Take a look at our map which illustrates the different CMP areas and who looks after what.

What is a CMP and why do we need to replace previous plans?

A Coastal Management Program (CMP) is a long-term strategy that sets a coordinated and adaptive approach to the management of coastal hazards such as beach erosion, shoreline recession and coastal inundation, with a focus on achieving the objects and objectives of the Coastal Management Act 2016 (CMA 2016).

The NSW Coastal Management Manual outlines that coastal management programs are to be prepared in a five stage process as illustrated right.

As part of this process (Stage 1) a Scoping Study and Scoping Study Summary were completed in 2019. The scoping study was completed for the coast and lower part of the Hunter River Estuary within the Newcastle LGA.

The purpose of the scoping study is to:

  • provide an overview of the existing knowledge of coastal processes, coastal hazards and the use of the coastal zone within the Newcastle LGA;
  • review the existing management of the coastal area to identify knowledge gaps within existing studies or management plans, providing the focus of the CMPs;
  • assign risk to coastal hazards and provide the strategic context for management of the coast.

What's next?

Stockton CMP 2021

Following completion of the Stockton CMP 2020 earlier this year, we started work on the Stockton CMP 2021. In consultation with stakeholders, this will update the Stockton CMP 2020 to include the coastline north of Meredith Street to the Port Stephens Local Government Area (LGA) boundary.

Key actions will complement mass sand nourishment and will be assessed in terms of their economic and technical feasibility to obtain agreement on a suitable strategy from all affected northern landholders. The actions in the Stockton CMP 2020 will not change and will be incorporated into the Stockton CMP 2021. 

Southern Beaches CMP

Stage 2 is underway for the Southern Beaches CMP

Hunter Estuary CMP

The CMP for this area will be developed in collaboration with other public authorities and landholders and will build upon the previous work under the Hunter Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan. Visit the Hunter River section of our website to find out more about the Hunter Estuary.