Bush Fire

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Bush fire prone land is an area of land that can support a bush fire or is likely to be subject to bush fire attack.

Bush Fire Prone Land Map

Bush fire prone land maps are prepared using the NSW Rural Fire Service's (NSW RFS) 'Guide for Bush Fire Prone Land Mapping'. Maps are required to be certified by the Commissioner of the NSW RFS and updated every five years to reflect changes in vegetation or legislation.

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Is my property mapped as bush fire prone land?

There are three ways to find out if your property is on bush fire prone land:

1.Use the interactive bush fire prone land enquiry map below

2. Find your property on the static bushfire prone land map

3. Apply for a Section 10.7 - Planning Certificate from City of Newcastle. The planning certificate will include a statement whether the land, or part of the land, is or is not bush fire prone.

What do the colours on the bush fire prone land map mean?
Are there specific requirements for development on bush fire prone land?
What information regarding bush fire risk must be submitted with a development application?
Will my development application be referred to the Rural Fire Service?