Waratah - Maud Street road safety improvements

We are implementing traffic changes in Maud Street Waratah to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists using the University to Newcastle City cycling route.

Mid-block traffic signals between Vera Street and Prince Street have been approved by Council and detailed design is underway.

We have been liaising with Transport for NSW throughout the detailed design phase to ensure that all requirements are addressed.

Future proposals

We are considering a number of other proposals related to traffic management in the area. Some of these proposals were part of community consultation in 2017 covering Vera, Prince, King, Queen and Lorna streets as well as the University (Callaghan) to Newcastle City cycleway.

Further investigation, consultation, design and approval is required before progressing with these proposals.

Cycle routes and facilities in the area

The R6 is the University (Callaghan) to Newcastle City cycleway.

The route is shown in the map at http://www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/OnYourBike/Find-Your-Path (select Newcastle City to University). The project will change what is currently a challenging crossing for cyclists to negotiate.