Playground replacement program

In 2020/2021, City of Newcastle will renew five playgrounds across the City as part of an annual asset renewal program. Playgrounds which will be renewed during the current financial year include Novocastrian Park in New Lambton, Gross Street Reserve at Tighes Hill, King Edward Park in Cooks Hill and Dangar Park in Mayfield. City of Newcastle is also planning a new active hub in Wallsend and has completed work on Stevenson Park in Mayfield West.

The selected playgrounds have been identified from a biennial playground safety audit undertaken by City of Newcastle on all of its playground sites across the City. From this safety audit every playground is given a condition rating which determines its priority within our renewal program.

Stevenson Park, Mayfield West

Stevenson Park is now home to a new all-abilities active space, which features a variety of equipment such as swings and birds nest basket, climbing apparatus, inground trampoline, slide, basketball hoop and handball court. The playground was delivered in partnership with the local community, with the new space reflecting the community’s vision for the park.


Playgrounds renewed during 2019/2020

Coldstream Reserve, Rankin Park

After the forced closure of the Rosedale Crescent playground, the community was consulted to choose a new location, and the consensus was Coldstream Reserve just a few hundred metres away. The new playground includes a range of options to challenge young bodies and minds, including a rope-based play system, platforms and slide, swing set and balance logs. Funded by Subsidence Advisory NSW in partnership with City of Newcastle, the playground blends with the slope of the reserve, changing levels via steps in a sandstone retaining wall.

Equipment colours match surrounding eucalypts and the play area, which is fenced off from McCaffrey Drive, is accessible via a path that also leads to picnic tables under a timber shade structure.


Brickworks Park and Carrington Street Reserve, Wallsend

The new playground at Brickworks Park in Wallsend features a new all-abilities carousel, boulder climb, nest swing, rope ladder, slide and much more. The Carrington Street Reserve playground is home to a new plank walk, suspension bridge, a double slide, tube net and more.
These two Wallsend playgrounds were delivered in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and were well received by the community as more people turned outdoors.


Learmonth Park, Hamilton South

Opening in June 2020, Hamilton South’s Learmonth Park was upgraded and expanded to include a new swing set, spider nets and climbing walls.


Islington Park, Islington

Accessibility was improved at Islington Park, with an all-access spinner added to the playground along with additional softfall access & landscaping. The accessible addition was jointly funded by Islington Village Community Group and City of Newcastle.


2018/2019 Completed Playground Replacements

  • Cressington Way Reserve, Wallsend
  • Fletcher Street Reserve, Adamstown

2017/2018 Completed Playground Replacements

  • Grahame Park, Carrington
  • Bull and Tourle Street Reserve, Mayfield West
  • Smith Park, Hamilton North
  • Wallsend Park, Wallsend

View the locations of all of the city's playgrounds here.