Menzies Commission

The Commission is dated 15th March 1804 and bears the official seal, to appoint Lieutenant Charles A. F. N. Menzies of the Royal Marines to command & superintend the settlement of Newcastle.

The Commission is signed by Philip Gidley King, Governor of the Colony of New South Wales.

The text of the warrant

"Whereas it is expedient, in consequence of an instruction from His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies and War Department, as well as from existing causes, that the settlement at the Coal Harbour and Hunter River, now distinguished by the name of Newcastle, in the county of Northumberland, should be re-established without loss of time; and you having offered to take the charge and command of that settlement, which you have been enabled to do by resigning the command of the detachment of Royal Marines, and by being discharged from His Majesty's Ship Calcutta at my request:

You are, therefore, hereby required and directed to take upon you the charge and command of the said settlement; and I do hereby charge and command all His Majesty's subjects that may be within our command to obey your directions, and you to obey all such Orders and directions as you may from time to time receive from me, or any other your superior officer (sic), according to the rules and discipline of war. For which this shall be your authority."

Philip Gidley King