Stay In

Stay where you are unless unsafe

In most circumstances, occupants of your building should stay where they are unless the building is unsafe.

If you need to evacuate your building, follow your normal evacuation procedures unless otherwise advised.

It is important you tune in to your local radio to hear situation updates.

Decision to evacuate the CBD

The decision to evacuate the CBD will be made by the Newcastle Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON) in consultation with the respective emergency services, transport, energy and utility providers.

You will hear about the decision to evacuate via the media including local radio and television stations. If time permits, appropriate emergency personnel will deliver evacuation warnings via doorknock and mobile public address systems.

It is important you tune in to your local radio station for further advice and assistance. Make sure you communicate what is happening to your staff as soon as you are able to reduce any potential panic.

If you are evacuated you may be asked to do one or more of the following:

  • Remain at the evacuation site until further information is available
  • Make your way to other parts of the city and delay your journey home
  • Make your way to specific transport terminals for movement out of the city
  • Identify yourself if you have special needs
  • Move to an evacuation centre.

Return to work/ home

You will be advised by emergency personnel when it is safe for you and your staff/ building occupiers to return to your building.