Stay In

What to do in an Emergency

Every emergency is different but there is come basic advice you can follow:

  • Make sure you ring 000 if there are people injured or threat to life
  • Do not put yourself or others in danger
  • Follow the advice of emergency services
  • Try to remain calm and think before taking action
  • Remember to help yourself before attempting to help others.

Stay In

In most circumstances, the best thing for you to do is to stay where you are (at home, in the office, at the shops etc) unless the building you are in is unsafe.

You should stay in and tune in to your local radio to get advice about how to respond to the emergency situation. Your radio will provide details about road closures, affected areas, evacuation plans (if any) and so on.

Remember, it is likely there are a lot of other people affected by the emergency situation. It is best to stay calm until you get an update and advice on the situation.

Emergency instructions

In an emergency, the authorities may ask you to:

  • Evacuate your home; or
  • Remain inside your building.

These instructions may come from emergency services personnel, other authorized personnel or building management (if you live in an apartment building). You may also hear instructions on your local radio.

If you have to leave your building:

  • Respond quickly. Take your Evac Pack with you and leave all non-essentials behind
  • Check on any neighbours who need help evacuating
  • If it is safe to do so, take your pets with you. Put large pets on a leash, even if you don’t normally use one. If you do not have a suitable pet carrier you can carry your cat in a cardboard box with a lid. Don’t forget to make breathing holes in the box
  • If you have time, turn off electricity, gas and water supplies, unplug appliances and lock all doors and windows
  • Use your common sense, and listen to any instructions from emergency personnel
  • In a major disruption, roads may be closed and public transport may not be running.